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Stamp Issuing Plan

Year: 2018

No. Title Date of issue
1 Happy New Year! Q1
2 The XXIII Olympic Winter Games (Pyongchang, South Korea). Q1
3 Birds of Kyrgyzstan. Q2
4 Bridges. Q2
5 2018 Asian Games (Indonesia). Q3
6 Butterflies. Q3
7 43rd Chess Olympiad in Batumi (Georgia). Q3
8 Lighthouses of Lake Issyk-Kul. Q3
9 Red Book of Kyrgyzstan (Beginning of the Series). Q4
10 Joint issue of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Republic of Belarus. The 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations. Q4
11 The Anniversaries of Great Personalities:
- Chinghiz Aitmatov, 90th birth anniversary;
- Ivan Turgenev, 200th birth anniversary;
- Karl Marx, 200th birth anniversary;
- Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, 100th birth anniversary.
12 Reserve

Year: 2017

No. Title Date of issue
1 Happy New Year! Q1
2 Flora of Kyrgyzstan. Edible Mushrooms. Q1
3 Joint issue Belarus-Kyrgyzstan. Horses. Q2
4 Islamiada-2017 (Baku, Azerbaidjan). Q2
5 25 years since the establishment of diplomatic relations between Kyrgyzstan and People's Republic of China. Q2
6 Salbuurun - Traditional Kyrgyz Hunting (end of the series). Q3
7 XIX-th International Botanical Congress in Shenzhen (PRC). Q3
8 Great Silk Road. Q3
9 60 Years of Space Era. Q3
10 The Anniversaries of Great Personalities:
- the 350th birth anniversary of Jonathan Swift
- the 100th birth anniversary of Arthur Clarke
- the 125th birth anniversary of John R. R. Tolkien
- the 150th birth anniversary of Marie Sklodowska-Curie
11 Reserve

Year: 2016

No. Title Date of issue
1 Salbuurun - Traditional Kyrgyz Hunting. Taigans (second part of the series) Q1
2 Definitive issue. Legends of Kyrgyzstan Q1
3 Flora of Kyrgyzstan Q1
4 World Philatelic Exhibitions in 2016 (New York, Taipei) Q2
5 Modern Fantasy Literature Q3
6 XXXI Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Q3
7 25th Anniversary of the Independence of Kyrgyzstan Q3
8 The World Chess Olympiad in Baku, Azerbaijan Q3
9 Navigation on Lake Issyk-Kul Q4
10 Reserve
1 Pre-stamped postal card Q1

Year: 2015

No. Title Date of issue
1 Salbuurun — Falconry in Kyrgyzstan (first part of the issue) Q1
2 The 50th anniversary of the first «Spacewalk» (EVA) Q2
3 The 175th anniversary of the world's first postage stamp Q2
4 The anniversaries of the famous world culture representatives
- the 175th birth anniversary of P.I. Tchaikovsky
- the 750th birth anniversary of Dante Alighieri
5 The International Year of Light and Light-based Technologies and The International Year of Soils Q3
6 Endemic types of minerals in Kyrgyzstan Q4
7 Fauna of Kyrgyzstan. Horses. Q4
8 Reserve

Year: 2014

No. Title Date of issue
1 140th anniversary of the UPU. Postal transportation of Kyrgyzstan. November
2 Fauna of Kyrgyzstan. November

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