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Kyrgyz Express Post - operateur postal officiel du Kirghizistan

  • 10.07.2017

    The new issue of KEP postage stamps is the continuation of the series “Salbuurun - traditional Kyrgyz hunting”, first launched in 2015. This third issue in the series is dedicated to the main hunting techniques of salbuurun: archery, falconry and hunting with taigans (national breed of hunting dogs) [...]

  • 06.07.2017

    Plants play a special role in the life of our planet. The very existence of the animal kingdom, including humans, would be impossible without the plant kingdom. This determines the importance of botany, which has as its object the scientific study of plants [...]

  • 29.06.2017

    An interesting phenomenon in philately is the joint stamp issue between two or more postal administrations of different countries. As a rule, such issues are dedicated to topics that unite these countries and contribute to the development of international cooperation and friendship between peoples [...]

  • 28.06.2017

    The 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Kyrgyz Republic and the People's Republic of China is celebrated in 2017. A new issue of KEP postage stamps, included in a special miniature sheet, is dedicated to this anniversary [...]

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