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Pearls of Kyrgyz Nature
17 November 2017

The United Nations General Assembly declared 2017 the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Thus, the important role of the tourism sector, which has great potential, was emphasised. Tourism can contribute to economic prosperity, social inclusion, peace and mutual understanding, preservation of cultural values and the natural environment.

Tourism in Kyrgyzstan is one of the priorities and most promising areas of the economy. The natural pearls of our country play a paramount role here.

Kyrgyz nature is truly unique. It is striking in the variety of weather contrasts, which is due to the location of Kyrgyzstan within several climatic zones: from the subtropical zone of the Fergana Valley, the semi-desert climate of the Talas and Chui valleys and the moderately marine climate in the Issyk-Kul basin to the high-mountain glaciers perpetually covered with snow.

The new KEP souvenir sheet represents two natural pearls, Lake Kel-Suu and the mountain peak of Manas, which attract many tourists, both Kyrgyz and foreign.

Lake Kel-Suu is one of the most beautiful high-mountain lakes in Kyrgyzstan. It is located in the Kok-Kyia valley at an altitude of 3,400 m. The lake was formed hundreds of thousands of years ago due to the destruction of the mountain massif. It has an elongated shape with a length of 12 km, a width of 0.5-2 km, and a depth up to 10 meters. On all sides, Kehl-Suu is surrounded by steep cliffs with many caves, crevices and grottoes. Within the lake itself there are also small stone islands. To fully enjoy the beautiful views of the lake, it is recommended to travel on it by boat.

Manas Peak (4,482 m) is one of the highest peaks of the Talas Ala-Too, a mountain range that adjoins the Western Tien Shan. At the foot of this peak there is a unique monument to the era of the Great Silk Road - the Gumbez of Manas, a mausoleum in which, according to legend, the remains of a legendary Kyrgyz hero rest.

This souvenir sheet is included into KEP issuing plan by the proposal of the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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