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Kyrgyz Express Post - the official postal operator of Kyrgyzstan

Business solutions
1.1 Universal postal services:
  • postcards
  • letters
  • printed matters
  • insured mail items
  • small packets
  • M bags

1.2 Additional services:
  • Arranging mail sending at the office on client’s call
  • Packaging and integration of mail
  • Making and filling the mailing label
  • Filling the accounts
  • Advertising production distribution through mail
  • Mail tracking notifications via email or SMS
  • Proof of delivery notifications via email or SMS

1.3 Worldwide bulk mailing

If you need to send a large number of mails, deliver a large number of invitations or offers to customers around the world, KEP helps to save your time and money. We will prepare your information for printing, print it and then send the mailings to the final destination at the best prices. Your mailings will be delivered to any country in the shortest possible time.

1.4 Hybrid mail.

This method uses the combination of electronic and physical delivery. Hybrid mail saves time and money. Most importantly, your personal presence at the post office is not required. You send us your message in electronic form, and, no matter how far the destination point is, the letter will be printed in the vicinity of the destination, and then delivered by the local postal service.

1.5 eCommerce

eCommerce has become an integral part of modern life. More and more consumers are buying goods over the Internet. Kyrgyz Express Post (KEP) has the means to improve the logistics of your company and to establish a system of exchange of goods in both B2B and B2C schemes.

Modern electronic commerce (eTrade) requires a lot of resources, starting from the rental of warehouses and ending with contracts on the delivery of goods to the final destination. In this scheme KEP is a necessary intermediary between your company and the ultimate goal of the arrival of your goods.

Tracking shipments, IT-integration, direct cooperation with most countries of the world - we have everything to make your business prosper.

1.6 Warehousing&Fulfilment

KEP provides its warehouses for use in the eTrade chain. We will get your goods at the border or at the airport, perform the necessary customs procedures and accompany the goods to our warehouse. At the warehouse we will process the goods in the way that they will be sent to the further destination as the post of KEP.

Further, the product can be stored at the warehouse until it is claimed by the customer or client. Once the item is purchased, KEP will send goods to the address of the recipient, in accordance to the postal regulations.

1.7 EEU logistics

If you send the large numbers of goods to Russia or to other countries of Eurasian Economic Union (EEU), KEP will be able to help you here too! Since 2015, Kyrgyzstan is the member of the EEU. This means that KEP mailings do not need any additional customs processing at the border crossings with other EEU member countries. We will help you to prepare all the necessary documents required for border crossing, after that we will be able to get your cargo in Bishkek, which, after processing, will be sent further as the post of KEP.

1.8 Delivery & Returns

We cooperate with such international airlines as Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines, Turkish Airlines that allows direct collaboration with more than 130 countries worldwide. Special additional services, such as Priority mailing or Express mailing, help to speed up the processing of your shipments in transit countries as well as in the destination country.

The cooperation between all the postal operators of the world provides the easy way for returning your items back to KEP warehouse or directly to the address of your company.

1.9 Virtual PO Box service

We can provide PO boxes for both domestic and foreign companies. All of your products will have a virtual address. You can consolidate the desired number of dispatches in the PO box, and then send them all together or separately to your customers. Your customers will always have the possibility to return the items to the virtual address. The number of PO boxes depends on your needs.

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