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Kyrgyz Express Post - the official postal operator of Kyrgyzstan

Services for individuals
2.1 Universal postal services:
  • postcards
  • letters
  • printed matters
  • insured mail items
  • small packets
  • M bags

2.2 Additional services:
  • Arranging mail sending at home on client’s call
  • Mail packaging
  • Making and filling the mailing label
  • Filling the accounts
  • Delivering mail by warrant
  • Delivering mail by long-term warrant
  • Delivering correspondence addressed to the ID bearer
  • Delivering documents or their copies in accordance with the legal investigative agencies
  • Mail tracking notifications via email or SMS
  • Proof of delivery notifications via email or SMS

2.3 Virtual PO Box service

We can provide PO boxes for both domestic and foreign companies. All of your products will have a virtual address. You can consolidate the desired number of dispatches in the PO box, and then send them all together or separately to your customers. Your customers will always have the possibility to return the items to the virtual address. The number of PO boxes depends on your needs.

2.4 Hybrid mail.

This method uses the combination of electronic and physical delivery. Hybrid mail saves time and money. Most importantly, your personal presence at the post office is not required. You send us your message in electronic form, and, no matter how far the destination point is, the letter will be printed in the vicinity of the destination, and then delivered by the local postal service.

* Customs registration of the international mail is executed in accordance with the active legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

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