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Business services

Warehousing services

KEP provides its warehouses for use in the eTrade chain. We will receive your cargo at the border or airport, perform all the necessary customs procedures and escort the cargo to our warehouse. At the warehouse we will be able to process the cargo for further shipment as KEP mail.

The cargo can then be stored at the warehouse until it is claimed by the customer. As soon as the goods are purchased,  KEP,  in accordance with postal rules, will send the items to the recipient. The final delivery of the goods will be carried out by the mailing services of the destination country.

Virtual P.O. box

For both domestic and foreign companies we can provide the Post Office box (PO-box).

All your items will have their virtual address. You can consolidate the number of necessary shipments in the PO-box, and then send it all together or gradually to your customers.

Your customers will always be able to make returns to this virtual address. The number of PO-boxes depends only on your needs.