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Packaging service

In order to send the products in a more comfortable way, Kyrgyz Express Post presents different kinds of packaging! You no longer need to choose the right size package at home - we will do it for you. 

The packaging procedure is always a time consuming activity. You need to choose a box of the right size; then insert the mailing piece itself; you need to wrap the packaging thoroughly, seal it and bring such a package to the Post Office. At the Post Office they will tell you: 'You have to show us the contents of your package. We cannot send it without this step'. So you will have to redo everything from the start! 

With Kyrgyz Express Post you can forget about such agony! We offer you the packing boxes of different sizes, which your shipment will be inserted in. Our staff will be engaged in the packaging of your items from the beginning to the very end:

  • You bring what you want to send to us, in KEP office;
  • You fill in the necessary accompanying documents at home or in our office and...
  • At this step your participation in sending the items terminates, because then we do the following:

  • It will be carried out the examination of your future shipment;
  • We choose a box of the necessary size;
  • We carefully put your mailing piece into the box;
  • At your request and for extra cost, the dispatch will be wrapped in a hermetically sealed package;
  • We attach the address label;
  • We seal the packaging, stick stamps, stamp the packaging and your package is ready for shipment!

And then, of course, we will make sure that your shipment has been delivered to the final destination. 

At the moment, we can provide you the packing boxes of the following sizes (mm): 
1. 290x150x95
2. 285x190x35
3. 295x190x50
4. 185x125x65
5. 290x100x55
6. 295x115x35
7. 295x275x50
8. 290x215x115
9. 300x245x60
10. 305x305x75

Kyrgyz Express Post always cares about your comfort. It's a great pleasure for us to work with you! 

*Package sizes may differ from the sizes on pictures