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KEP offers Disount Cards

KEP welcomes you with good news! Starting today, we introduce to you the Discount Cards for our postal services*. 

We have two types of discount cards: Silver (5%) and Gold (10%). In addition, over time it is possible to increase your discount from 5% to 10%. 

To obtain the Discount Card you must provide the receipts for our services for 6 months period:

  • 5% Silver Card — the checks for the total amount of 10,000 Som;
  • 10% Gold Card — the checks for the total amount of 30,000 Som.

Moreover, if you make a one-time purchase of our services in the amount of 20,000 Som, you will immediately receive the Discount Card for 10%! 

This promotion is available to everyone. The discount also applies to the services for the third parties to whom the card may be transferred. 

This Discount Card is valid during 6 months from the date of the last use. This means that if you have not been using the Discount Card during 6 months, it will be canceled. 

If you already have a 5% Silver Card, you can save up checks on the remaining 20,000 Soms for 6 months more and we will gladly exchange it for a 10% Gold Card. 

We are waiting for you at all our offices. Please show the checks, fill out the form and become a proud owner of KEP Discount Card. 

*The discount doesn't apply for buying stamps and to the services that are paid for additionally, such as: registered items, priority items or Express mail items.