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Marketforce, Post & Parcel Services: Asia Pacific conference
On October 19-20 KEP took part in "POST & PARCEL SERVICES: ASIA PACIFIC" International Conference.

This conference was held by "Marketforce" company that has been arranging different kinds of B2B conferences since 1987. "POST & PARCEL SERVICES: ASIA PACIFIC" conference was held in Shanghai - one of the largest cities in China. This event was attended by various postal, courier and logistics companies from around the world. The main topic of discussion was the possibility of delivering various goods from Asia to Europe specifically, and to the rest of the world, as well as the provision of all kinds of tracking and handling services for the postal items. 

Our team prepared small gifts for the participants of this conference. The gifts were in the form of booklets enclosed in the envelopes of our company. The booklets presented the famous character - Yeti, which is known not only in Kyrgyzstan, but also all over the world. 

Throughout those several days of the conference, KEP representatives managed to discuss the possibility of business cooperation not only with postal companies, but also with different online stores that were interested in the smooth delivery of goods from Asia to different countries of the world. Later on, KEP intends to participate in such conferences to familiarize the Customers with its methods of delivery of goods to the final recipients.