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Happy Birthday KEP!

Over these years, we have been able to prove ourselves to our customers as the postal operator with an excellent and high-quality service that reacts as quickly as possible to the wishes of its customers. We showed ourselves as excellent partners, acquired new partners in Kyrgyzstan and abroad. We participated in numerous exhibitions related to philately, postal and logistics services. At the moment, we are working directly with more than 80 countries around the world, expanding our geography every day. And we are not going to stop here!
But, of course, we could not achieve all this without the support of our customers. And only thanks to them we move on, and are ready to continue to bring them joy. Therefore, on the 5th birthday of KEP, we prepared some presents:

  • - 5 free shipments for the first 5 visitors!*
  • - in the next 5 days, a discount of 5% for everyone!
  • - New tariff scale - more flexible and convenient!

We are glad to see all of you at KEP on this day!


* The promotion applies to the shipments of up to 500 g