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Search for the lost shipment
Search for the lost shipment

My shipment is not tracked on the website - what do I to do?

The best way is to enter a tracking number on the mail website of the destination country - the information provided by the postal operator of the destination country, as a rule, is more accurate. Information on the website may not appear immediately.

How long do you need to wait?

On average, it is recommended to wait about 10 days until the mail database is updated. International shipments are on the way even longer - from 2 weeks to a month. The recipient and the postal operator are unable to influence the speed of the border and customs.
On holidays and weekends, when the load on postal services increases, it usually takes more time to deliver and enter all the postal data into the database.
The consumer can write a request for the search for the package if at least 28 days have passed since the departure of the international shipment, but not more than 2 months, and the track number of the shipment is not shown in the database.

Where to file for a search request?

n application for the search for a postal item can be submitted by the sender or recipient. You can do this at any post office. You need to attach the following to your form application:
- Cash receipt confirming the fact of shipment taking place,
- Photocopy of the applicant's passport (the applicant presents the passport in the original form in person as well).
More information can be found on our website in the section Search for lost shipment.

When can a compensation be denied?

The Post Office may refuse to pay compensation in the following cases:
1. When during the consideration of the application and search for the shipment, it turned out that the loss was the result of force-majeure or obstacles of insuperable force. 
2. The shipment was lost or delayed on the way due to the address being incorrectly indicated by the sender or other errors made during registration by the sender.