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Shipment tracking
Shipment tracking
How do I track my shipment?

In order to track a postal shipment it is necessary to have a special tracking number, which is assigned to mail with labels: registered, valuable, express, as well as parcels. 

This tracking number must be introduced on the website of the website of the mail company of the destination country in the Track and Trace section, after which you can get a detailed information on the shipment.

On the KEP website the tracking of shipments is available at the following link. 

Postal tracking number

Tracking number is a unique alphanumeric or numeric number (barcode ID) assigned to the mail (shipment). As a rule, an international tracking number consists of the following parts:

1. The first two Latin letters (XX) indicate the type of mail:
RA-RZ -  indicates registering the sending of written correspondence (registered card, letter, parcel, small package (up to 2 kg), M-bag);
UA-UZ - unregistered and untraceable shipments, but which are required to undergo customs procedures;
ZA-ZZ - SRM-sending (simplified registered mail), simple registered packets.
2. The next nine digits (123456789) are the unique departure number. According to the UPU-S10 rules, the postal service must assign identifiers so that the number does not repeat for 12 calendar months (the recommended period is 24 calendar months or longer).
4. Two letters at the end (YY) - the letter code of the sending country (for example, KG - Kyrgyzstan, US - USA, GB - Great Britain, FR - France, RU - Russia, CN - China, etc.).

Example of an international mail identifier: RR123456789KG.

n our website, you can enter up to 10 numbers in a comma or space, after which you can get information on all the numbers entered at once.