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Postage stamps

A postage stamp is a special postage sign of payment issued and sold by national (and other) postal departments having a certain nominal value (face value).

It is used to facilitate fees for the transfer of items (dispatches) carried out by mail. Franking with this sign, which is also known as marking the shipment (labeling it with a mark), indicates the fact of payment for the services of the postal department (primarily - the transfer and delivery of correspondence: letters, postcards, etc.).

KEP stamps are a new phenomenon in the 175-year-old world tradition of issuing postage stamps: for the first time, the second postal operator of the UPU member country provides separate stamps for paying for its postal items.

KEP stamps are a real payment tool that provides payment for the transfer of postll items from Kyrgyzstan to all UPU member countries. Postal items franked by them are accepted in KEP offices only. 

Postage stamp
Postage stamp - a device used by mail to obtain by hand or mechanically stamp prints that serve to extinguish postage signs, confirm receipt of mail, control the route and time in transit, apply any markings, etc., or imprint of such a device.
Philately is the field of collecting and studying signs of postal payment (for example, postage stamps) and other philatelic materials. The most direct way of studying philately can also be named the history of postal communication.